Facebook page

There is a closed membership Facebook page I grew up in Don Mills.  Not much in the way of DMCI pictures, but lots a old pictures from the Shopping Center and other places from our past.

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Another year older

We are pushing the boundaries of that annual temporal event, the end of the year, this particular one being 2016.  The blog is being read, but contributions are pretty sporadic.  Somewhere in a box I should have all the Prom photos I did in the early 60’s.  I couldn’t get a date so I made some money instead.  And as I’m not getting younger I want to stuff as much memorabilia in as possible.  So if you drop back in and see nothing new it is either because I’ve gone to Sto-vo-cor (eternity with Klingons, brrr!) or just old and lazy.

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Summertime Summertime 1958

Way back when we didn’t have arthritis and we were so much more agile this was popular.  As I recall there was a version of American Bandstand show produced by one of the Toronto stations.  If you play the clip you will see at the beginning some girls with the distinctive DMCI skirt.  Was that us?

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November 2014, the wife and I were doing a farewell tour of places I grew up, starting in Montreal and ending in Toronto.  That included a stop at DMCI.  Not much has changed.  The lockers are original and the portable classrooms, just a temporary measure, are still there.

RIP the football team and April Antics.  The big DMCI crest on the stage is a forgotten bit of history.  Worse yet are the missing years of graduates.  Apparently the obvious gaps in years has not occurred to anyone in authority.  Oh yes, you’re right, they ARE missing.  This from the very top.

Everything changes –  nothing changes.

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zzzz, Rip Van here

It has been a few years since we posted.  It is because I have not gotten slack, no one sends information.  Probably a Facebook thing these days.  We are here, getting older, watching my old buddies and a few I can’t remember are dying off.  This is your page folks.  Pony up!

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Then and now

I have created a page with photos from school and current.  I have a few for starters so feel free to send my yours.  I have the first few yearbooks and if possible send a scan from your copy along with your current picture.  I’m going to update the Memorial Wall the same way so anything you can send of our friends passed on…..

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More 60’s

UPDATE: May 15 Jack has sent me quite a few good scans.

From Jack (Wilson) Clark, 1962.

I have just scanned in some old photos (1960-61 academic year) that I have.  I would be happy to share them.  Unfortunately they are not the best of the pictures I took back then.  For an earlier reunion (25th I think), I sent a lot of my best negatives to the organizers and indicated I would like the negatives  back when they were finished  with them.  However they never came back to me.  Don’t know if they disappeared in the mail or got into alumni archives.  If they got into the archives, I would be happy volunteer to scan them; I could get back any I wanted in electronic form and give the alumni back the negatives plus electronic copies.  The negatives, if they are in Alumni archives, will be mostly two and a quarter square with a few 35 mm (probably of football team) and will be black and white; I don’t think I took any colour.

Attached are medium files (to make them reasonable for e-mailing) of some of what I have left.  I can provide large e-files of them if anyone wants them.  I have a bit from the school’s appearance on the CBC teen dance program “Club 6”, April Antics and some other stuff.

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